The Independent Redistricting Commission adopted the following definitions:

Competitive means that either party or other parties would have an opportunity to prevail in an election. A district shall be deemed competitive if the difference in the JudgeIt scores between the two major parties in that district is seven percent or less.

To the extent practicable contemplates the need for flexibility in carrying out an enormous task that necessarily involves many compromises and difficult choices and expresses a recognition that the actor will be required to reconcile competing considerations, interests or goals.

Significant Detriment is any damage, injury, harm or impairment of a redistricting criterion which the IRC determines, based on the record before it, to be material and substantial, but not which the IRC determines to be minimal or inconsequential.

Equal Population means precise equality plus or minus one person.

Significant detriment to equal population is anything more than the minimum deviation from equal population necessary to achieve the goal of competitiveness but in no event greater than 1.75 percent in any district.

Compliance with the Voting Rights Act means full compliance with all applicable provisions thereof, to the extent consistent with the order of the court.

community of interest is a group of people in a defined geographic area with concerns about common issues (such as religion, political ties, history, tradition, geography, demography, ethnicity, culture, social economic status, trade or other common interest) that would benefit from common representation.

With respect to communities of interest, significant detriment means (a) significant detriment to the ability of that community to have effective representation, or (b) deprivation of a material or substantial, but not a minimal or inconsequential, portion of that community of effective representation.

Compactness describes the relative geographic dispersion of a district. There is no particular ideal of geographic compactness. Compactness shall be measured using the Polsby-Popper Test.

Significant detriment to compactness occurs when a district is below a Polsby-Popper score of 0.17.

Contiguous means tracts of territory in actual physical contact with one another.

Significant detriment to contiguity exists when tracts of territory are not in physical contact.

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