Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Redistricting?

A: Redistricting is the redrawing of legislative and congressional district lines following the decennial U.S. Census. The lines are redrawn so that districts are of very nearly equal population as required by the Arizona and United States Constitutions.

Q: How and why was the Commission formed?

A: The Commission was formed by the passage of Proposition 106 by the people of Arizona in the 2000 General Election. Proposition 106 amends the Arizona Constitution to create a five-member commission to redraw Congressional and Legislative district boundaries following the 2000 Census. Previously, the State Legislature was responsible for redrawing the lines. Many people believed this practice resulted in boundaries that served the politicians instead of the people of Arizona. The five-member Redistricting Commission acts independently of the State Legislature.

Q: What are the target populations for the Congressional and Legislative districts?

A: The Census Bureau reported that as of April 1, 2000, the population of Arizona was 5,130,632. This number is used to determine the "ideal" or "target" population of a district. The target population for each of the eight Congressional districts is 641,329. The target population for each of the thirty Legislative districts is 171,021. Proposition 106 requires the Commission to create districts as close to the target as is practicable.

Q: What are the numbers for the old 1994-2002 Congressional and Legislative districts?

A: Click here for the old Congressional district numbers.
Click here for the old Legislative district numbers.

Q: Where does the demographic information come from that the Commission uses?

A: Demographic data comes from the US Census Bureau Pulic Law 94-171 tables from the 2000 Census. Data for Multiple Race responses has been aggregated according to Department of Justice "Part XV Guidance Concerning Redistricting and Retrogression Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 1973c; Notice" from Part II of OMB Bulletin 00-02. 

Q: Does the Commission use resampled demographic data?

A: No. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Census Bureau can not use statistical sampling to determine the population count for congressional apportionment purposes (No. 98-564, Clinton, President of the United States, et al. v. Glavin et al., on appeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia). The Commission only uses demographic data from the Census Bureau. 

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