Interim 2002 Legislative District Map

The maps presented here have been adopted as final district maps by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. The Legislative Map was adopted by the Commission May 23rd, 2002 following the DoJ objection to the original Legislative Districts adopted by the Commission. The districts shown here have been adjusted to address the issues raised by DoJ and were ordered to be used in the Fall 2002 elections by a federal three judge panel. These are the districts that are currently in effect for representation. 

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     -  Statewide 11 x 17 
     -  Phoenix Area 11 x 17 
     -  Tucson Area 11 x 17

Reports  (Requires Adobe Acrobat to view.) 
  *  Demographics 
  *  Certification List 
  *  Cities, Towns, and Places List
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  *  ArcView GIS Shapefile 
  *  Maptitude GIS File 
  *  Equivalency File 
   GIS Data is unprojected Decimal Degrees, NAD83 Datum

Final Maps

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