ARS 35-113
Every year for annual budget units and biennially in even-numbered years for biennial budget units, the head of each budget unit, not later than September 1 or at a later date not to exceed thirty days after September 1 if approved by the director of the governor's office of strategic planning and budgeting, shall submit to the governor, with five copies, estimates of the financial requirements and of receipts, including appropriated and nonappropriated monies in no less detail than the state general fund, of the budget unit for the next two ensuing fiscal years for biennial budget units and for the next fiscal year for annual budget units. The estimates shall be on the forms and in the manner prescribed by the governor with explanatory data that may be required, together with additional information the head of the budget unit desires to submit. The governor may require biennial budget units to submit budget estimates more often than every two years. The estimate so submitted shall bear the approval of the administrative head of the budget unit.


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